Dear Church Friends,

The leaves are falling which means it is time for our church's annual Stewardship Campaign. Members and friends are asked to make a formal pledge to support the church financially in the coming year. Receiving pledges is the only way the Church Council can plan and execute a balanced budget.

We hope you will prayerfully read and reflect on the information in this mailing to guide your giving decision. Our Stewardship theme this year is “Beloved, Love” based on 1 John 4:7. Our love of our church community will shine through in our giving of our time, talents, and treasure!

With abundant love and gratitude,

The Stewardship Team
Jodi Cowen (Chair), Craig Modahl, & Bev Mueller

A written testimonial by Meg Tackes

I find joy and comfort sitting in our bright sanctuary. I feel the light and love of God when I’m surrounded by fellow members of our church. The gift that God gives me is being able to see the change of seasons right behind the altar and maybe even see some squirrels chasing each other up and down the trees. It is easier for me to walk in God’s light being surrounded by fellow believers who love God and each other. 

In Christ’s light and love,  
Meg Tackes 

Click to view a video testimonial from Phil Stepanski Phil’s Journey of Faith

Phil reflects on his life’s journey leading him to be a part of our faith community: “I think, how can I give back? I’m so grateful to all of you and for all of this, and for everything that it means to me.”

– Phil Stepanski, member
Click to view a video testimonial from Ken Matthews

Ken’s Life-long Membership

Ken has been through changes in the church over the years, but notes at least one thing that hasn’t changed is the church’s character, “the warmth, the understanding, the willingness to bring in others—it doesn’t happen by accident... we survive by our people, our faith and our giving.”

– Ken Matthews, member

Click to view a video testimonial from Chris Fraser

Chris Has Found a “Home”

Chris wrote about being invited to church twenty years ago, helping him to meet new friends and learn about his faith, “[the church] has become very special to me—like a second home… I hope that you can all… give what you can to keep this church a home for many.”

– Chris Fraser, member

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We invite you to take a moment to read our "Beloved" bulletin insert series that appeared in our Sunday bulletins this fall.

Martin Luther King once called love “the most durable power in the world.” As he explained, “Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; only love can do that. Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

Love becomes trite when we quote it but don’t work for its realization in our lives. But in our church and in the United Church of Christ we give ourselves to answering God’s call to love. Our little church on the hill shows this love of community in so many ways, from our support of our mission efforts, our open door policy to welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, or politics, to the support and care of our members.

With that love comes the hard realization that we require financial stewardship just to keep our lights on. Did you know that over 90% of our financial revenue needed every year is from member pledges?

Where does the pledged money go?

Our yearly financial budget is needed to support a laundry list of foundational church items including staff salaries and benefits, accounting fees, cleaning, maintenance of our church property, insurance, fire protection, elevator maintenance, office supplies, utilities and the list goes on. Our budget is also needed to support programs such as Christian Education, liturgy and our music programs.

Beyond the financial needs, time and talent are also a part of stewardship. You may recall our spring "Ministry Options" survey asking for assistance with the many aspects of keeping our church running including Property Team work, Congregational Care, and much more. To tie back to our stewardship theme, let’s do this collectively, as a united church, putting “hands and feet” to our purpose, vision, and mission: to live out God’s love, transforming the world, and making a just world. We hope you will consider a gift of your time, talent, or treasure.



Dear Friends,

The more I get to know all of you, the more I am impressed with the wonderful variety of ways our church has served the community and the members of the congregation. In the meetings I have attended in member’s homes and here at church I have heard so many heartwarming stories about the ministry of the church and its impact on people’s lives. From the warm welcome people have received, to ways the church has been supportive during incredibly difficult times. From the beautiful music in worship touching people’s hearts and souls, to the Church School classes bringing insight and life lessons to our youngest participants. From the prayers of church members making a difference, to the assurance of God’s word in scripture bringing comfort, to an encouraging word and humorous story shared during fellowship—all have left a sense of warmth, affection, and love for this church. We have so much for which we can be thankful. All of our lives and the community around us are better because of our church.

We love this church! We love it because through its ministry we have encountered the love of God. God has reached out to us through the church in worship, in education, in service, and in fellowship nd we have been encouraged, enriched, comforted, and challenged by God through our church’s ministry...God’s Spirit is at work here. We take God’s love into our lives and respond in love to the world around us - doing what we can to spread that love and multiply that love to others.

How incredibly fortunate we are to have a faith community like this. However, the reality is that the ministry of this church cannot continue as we have come to love and enjoy it unless we are able to respond to God’s love by giving of our financial gifts. We need to be able to share the gifts we have been given: our time, our talent and our treasure. It is through our financial giving and annual pledging that we are able to build a strong future. Without it, regardless of our best intentions and goodwill, things begin to deteriorate.

As you contemplate the love you have for this faith community and the love that has been given to you through its ministry, we ask that you strengthen your financial commitment and ensure we move forward with strength and spirit. It is with a sense of gratitude that we know God’s Spirit is at work here. And we have more love to give.

In Christ,
Pastor Scott


If you have any questions about stewardship, email the church office and we will forward your message to the Stewardship Team. If you have any specific questions about your financial giving, please email our Financial Administrator, Phil Stepanski,